Shaolin (2011) Download MoviesOne of the best storyline in action movie I have ever watched. From the director of movies “Jackie Chan’s Who Am I? (1998), New Police Story (2004), Robin-B-Hood (2006)Benny Chan is now presenting this great movie Shaolin (2011). I personally loved this movie and counted it in one of my favorite movie in action and storyline. I would like to suggest all of you guys do watch this movie. As quarreling warlords battle to expand their strength, the respectable friars of the Shaolin Temple tidy up the mess abandoned, as a rule the harmed while attempting their best to ensure the abject and frail. General Hou has initiated much of this disturb his brutal and heartless plans that seldomly segregate between officers and regular people. If you haven’t watched this movie then you should watch this mvoie ASAP. The movie was just amazing and so emotional that you will cry watching this for sure.

The point when Hao is deceived by associate general Cao Man, he is compelled into shrouding, and brings asylum with the friars at their concealed mountain temple. As the days pass, he ends up more quiet as he studies the routes of peace, and starts to discharge his hatred through Martial Zen. However Cao is not far behind, and war soon achieves the temple, where the friars are primed to battle over–with their unstoppable Shaolin Kung Fu. It has 6.8 rating on IMDB. You can easily download this mvoie from our website through direct link provided.

Genre: Action | Drama
Director: Benny Chan
Writers: Alan Yuen (original screenplay), Chi Kwong Cheung
Casting: Shaoqun Yu, Chen Zhiui, Yu Xing

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